Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade
Smooth, lifelike transitions within the restoration.


Pearl Multi-Shade

Pearl Multi-Shade

The Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade milling blanks are nothing less than an economical and sophisticated system for creating full contour crowns.

The Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade milling blanks are nothing less than an economical and sophisticated system for creating full contour crowns.

Available in the shades A, B, C, and D to achieve most common tooth colors. Their application is quite simple: Depending on the height positioning of the crown, for example, the colors A3, A2 or A1 can be attained in an A-Blank. The same is true for the other shades. The structural height of 18 mm ensures that sufficient space for vertical shifting is available. Best of all, however, are the four finely-tuned color layers, which always provide smooth, invisible transitions within the restoration.


The ergonomic system for
natural-looking restorations

  • Flexural strength (DIN EN ISO 13485:2015): 1200 MPa
  • Standard 98: Height of 14, 18 and 22 mm
  • Natural highly translucent multi-layered system
  • Lifelike and smooth transitions from cervical to incisal
  • Extremely efficient: one blank covers three shades
  • Quick and cost effective for natural-looking monolithic restorations
  • Excellent Machinability: Thin margins can be milled without having to worry about chipping or cracks
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  • list Physical propertiesadd

    Physical properties
    Material 3Y-TZP
    Color natural high translucent
    Density > 6,04 g/cm3
    Flexural Strength (DIN EN ISO 13485:2015) 1200 MPa
    Compressive Strength 3000 MPa
    Modulus of elasticity 205 GPa
    Impact Resistance 8 MPa m1/2
    Vickers Hardness 1300 HV 0,5
    Thermal expansion 10 10-6 k-1
    Thermal conductivity 2 W/mK
    Mean linear intercept < 0,4 μm
    Radioactivity < 0,02 Bq/g
    Solubility < 10 μg/cm2
    Composition ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2O3 > 99%, Y2O3 4,5% - 6%

    * These properties were measured on test samples. The values are typical material properties and may vary according to product configuration, geometry and manufacturing process.

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    PDF Download File:
    Technical datasheet Nacera® Pearl Shaded & Multi-Shade
    PDF size 402 kb
    Safety data sheet Nacera® Pearl Multi-Shade
    PDF size 28.7 kb
    Instructions for use Nacera® Shell, Pearl, Pearl Multi-Shade, Pearl Shaded 16+2
    PDF size 817 kb
    Nacera® Booklet
    PDF size 681 kb
    Nacera® Pearl Multi Shade Color Guide
    PDF size 117 kb
    Nacera® Pearl - Shaded / - Multi-Shade Quick Guide Speed Sintering
    PDF size 427 kb
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